MARCO TOZZI is a lifestyle brand for the modern, fashion-conscious market in shoes and bags made by Wendel. From young fashion, to classical elegance, to active comfort, MARCO TOZZI is our answer to international trends with its own style and quality.

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A shoe, lots of white space and lots of room for imagination - The TAMARIS formula for success is as simple as it is ingenious, the love for the product is as alive as ever. 

Founded in 1975, MODA IN PELLE - Italian for "fashion in leather - have been crafting beautiful shoes for over 40 Years. Since then, they've been combining British sophistication with fine Italian quality and gorgeous leathers in a range of stunning shoes, boots, bags and accessories.

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KEDDO is a leading brand in fashionable footwear at an affordable price. An international team of your designers create their cutting edge collections through global interaction with their followers on social media. 

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Conceived in London, BETSY sets the bar high for heels, boots and sandals. In a world where comfort rules, they create beautiful shoes that are perfect for taking the day in your stride. With massive appeal, BETSY is at home whether you're in the office, at the shops, or enjoying drinks with friends.